Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Photos in November

If you follow me on facebook or Instagram you already saw that my son went as Snake Eyes for Halloween. This year he was dead set on being a ninja. I still cannot figure out why. We don't watch any ninja cartoons... he doesn't play with ninjas... so somewhere along the line... someone stole his heart with this idea of a ninja. So I tried and tried to convince him to be a ninja turtle. because it was adorable. But nope. I was not winning. My child is stubborn. So Stubborn.

Luckily... he made a pretty cute Snake eyes too :)

So here he is in all his Halloween Glory. And a random photo dump (He loves posing for photos in his costume! )

Snake Eyes. Aka. Maddux.

My kid is seriously awesome.
Cracks me up with his Ninja Posing :)

Hope you all had a safe and warm Halloween!!

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