Friday, January 31, 2014

Living Room photo Display

Once we finished the dining room. I knew I wanted to move that metal circle out there. I thought the contrast between the oil rubbed bronze and the white walls... would play nicely together. And thankfully... I was right. But that ended up leaving a huge blank space above our couch....

So you all know how I love photo gallery shelves. This time I stained mine rather than painting it white and i filled it with engineer prints to make a BIG statement above that couch.

I love the way this turned out. Sometimes it takes us awhile to redo something we already did. but I have found that switching things up with small things like this make the largest impacts. And they are easy... and usually done in a couple of hours... which honestly... is the best type of project!

Here is the before with the metal circle

And here it is now.

One of my favorite signs made by a friend of mine. Hopefully she opens an Etsy store soon. She does an AMAZING job!

I honestly could fill every wall in our house with photos and still feel like there are not enough.
I have a hard time replacing old ones with new ones... so often rather than replacing them... I create a new spot to fill with photos. Someday... I will run out of room. Until then though... I have quite a few walls waiting to be filled ;)

This weekend is filled up with home projects... that I cannot wait to share in the upcoming weeks.
Hopefully you check back in next week to see what we have been up to. Next week I am hoping to share the play room built in progress... valentine mantel.... DIY valentines... and the giveaway winner!

Ps. Have you entered the giveaway?

Hope you all have a great weekend! Stay warm!

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