Monday, June 9, 2014

Simple Moments

Those small simple moments.

Where the man you fell in love with.. almost appears and you are reminded of those feelings you had when you first met him. 

It gives you butterflies all over again. 

Its the simple moments of parenting. 

So often we talk about the stress of parenting. 
And sometimes we forget about these little moments.

We often overlook these little moments. 

These small moments that are just between the two of you. 

As parents, we hold all these secrets of our children. We know them inside and out. and we get to watch them daily... observe them... and if you are lucky enough... you get to share these secrets with your best friend. 
You share this person. This amazing little person that is made up of the two of you. Your strengths... your weaknesses... your quirks... your humor... your stubbornness... 

Tonight, watching Jerry work with Maddux on baseball... just observing him interact with our son. He was filled with patience and amusement... and he looked over... 
we locked eyes...

And you have this moment. 
A moment that is shared by just the two of you. 

We not only share a love of being with each other... But. 
We share and external love... that has my eyes... his smile... and personality of his own.... 

And when we locked eyes... smiling over his big hit of the day... it brings me back. back to the day I fell in love. and back to the day when I realized... I wanted forever with him... and realizing... just how lucky I was that my dreams came true.

Parenting is such a beautiful ride... a messy, chaotic, imperfectly beautiful ride 
Just filled with simple... happy... moments.

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