Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mom Confessions

So onto a new confession

I read about now how we aren't suppose to compliment our kids based on their looks. Apparently this is a new thing to be frowned upon. I swear its always something. Someone is always writing a book on how we are ruining our children with the most random things.

Basically how when we compliment our children on their physical appearance we are teaching them that what is on the outside matters more than the inside? And instead, we should compliment only those things that have nothing to do with their physical appearance.
And I say that is crap.

So I will confess.

I tell my son he is adorable. I tell him he is handsome. I tell him he is cute. I tell him he is a beautiful boy.


I plan on continuing to do this my entire life.

Of course what is on the inside is far more important than the outside. Of course. And we concentrate on complimenting those areas as well.

Which is why I also say..

You are smart
You are funny
You are caring
You are loving
You are creative
You are strong
You are silly
You are brave
You are kind
You are sweet

... and so on

But I will never stop saying...

You are cute
You are handsome
You are adorable
You are beautiful

I am curious on who decided saying these things to our children have negative affects?

Could you imagine if your mom never told you ... you were beautiful?
Because I bet she did. 
And I bet ... if you asked her... she wouldn't have stopped either.

Because our children are beautiful.
And they should be told this... every single day.

Me and my adorable, beautiful, handsome... little man. 

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