Monday, June 2, 2014

Slowing down...

This summer we are working on slowing down.
Taking a step back
Taking a breath
And not worrying about what we get done in what time frame.
We are concentrating on time together
And more time with this little man. 

I might have a few more posts about Motherhood, Friendship, and Marriage
And work on the home stuff in between all of it. 
I assure you there will be more projects.
And very soon.
But we are taking our time
Balancing everything.

The summers mean on top of everything else... 
we add in T-ball games
and carnivals
and fairs
and days spent at the pool
and BBQs with family
and days at the lake

And well life gets busy
and rather than stressing out about this blog
we are going to embrace life as it is

So this summer I might switch up the posts a little bit more here and there.
But hopefully you stick around and see what we figure out :)

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