Monday, July 30, 2012

Easy DIY Wreath

So I finally did it. I finally made a wreath for my front door. I bought a cheap grapevine wreath about... 4 months ago. and this weekend I finally did something with it.
The wreath itself I believe was 5 bucks at Michael's. and I had some satin ribbon leftover from making my nieces these headbands you can find HERE

I realize now that I never actually showed how to make these flowers. And of course I did not take pictures of that process while doing it... again.

but here is how simple it is.
take some satin fabric. cut out a bunch of different sized circles... then take a lighter around the edges and burn them... which will cause them to turn up and in slightly... then hot glue a bunch of layers together to create a flower. take a small bead and glue that in the center. and its done. easy peasy. unless you are clumsy like me with a glue gun... so anything involving a glue gun also ends in me burning my fingers... always

so i cut out a bunch of flowers. glued them onto my wreath... and called it a day. i figured i would try the simplest approach possible for my first wreath and used most of the things i already had on hand. I am already collecting ideas for my fall wreath though. maybe ill try something a little bit more difficult...

But for now... this is cute.. and I like it a lot better then the big blank door!

I still need to spray paint those light fixtures... and figure out what i want to do with that empty space to the right of the door.... but at least it looks a tad more inviting.

Anyone find any fun fall wreaths? Im looking for ideas!

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