Friday, April 19, 2013

Project Round Up

Project Round up of the past couple of months. Just to remind myself.. that even when I am surrounded by a million projects that need to be finished. I have in fact... finished a few.

Most colorful:  Deciding to paint the island blue to contrast against the white cabinets seen Here

Most cheerful. The new DIY curtains above the DIY window seat . Shown here

Most daring: Deciding to jump on the black door bandwagon and just try it. I love them. Shown Here.

Most bulky: Adding 1x2s to our open cabinets to bulk up the thin shelving. Shown Here

Most Magical: Maddux's first trip to Disney. Shown here

Most overdue: White trim. Which still isn't completed.... but at least a few more areas are! Shown here

Most Used: Coffee Station. Every single morning :) Shown Here

Most Adorable: The butterfly dress up cart. Since I am surrounded by superheroes and light sabers... Getting to make this adorable thing... (sigh) oh how I adore frilly things. Loved making this. Shown Here

Most viewed:  Photo ledge giveaway :) Thank you for all of you who showed so much interest! Shown here

So hopefully the next few months will be just as productive ... or even more productive. 

Do you have any big projects going on this weekend? 

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