Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vacation Jar Collection

I don't know about you... but this weather is really getting to me.
I am not the type of person that complains about winter. I actually enjoy winter most years. It is my second favorite season. But this year... it is too cold to go sledding... or make a snowman... or ... anything. It is freezing.

So right now I am daydreaming of a vacation. Counting down our days until Florida. I just want warmer weather... And I want it.. soon!

When we go on vacation ... we make vacation jars.

We try to grab souvenirs that will fit into or jar. Souviners that are specific to that vacation. Now we will be going to Disney time and time again... so a lot of our jars will be Disney related. But I try to change up what is in there by making it what was the highlight of that trip.

For instance, the first year we went my son (he was 2) was in love with Minnie Mouse. In love with her. He thought she was the prettiest girl on this planet. And every time he saw her... he would honestly blush and became quite smitten with her. So that year we featured a couple of different Minnie mouse figurines in that jar with an autograph from her to him. We put in a group shot of the people we went on vacation that year... and my son's pin that said "first disney vacation"

We also have one from a little weekend away we took back when Maddux was only a year old. We went to Cincinnati... and visited the zoo... a ballgame.. children's museum... and an aquarium. We collected baseball tickets and little trinkets from the various places we went.

I love these vacation jars... because it is almost a time capsule of our vacation... and I love the idea of having a few shelves in our library holding vacation memories.
And even if you don't go anywhere on summer vacation.. I think these would be adorable filled with memories over the summer. Really... you could almost use them for anything :)

So while day dreaming of warmer weather... I thought I would share with you... one of my favorite... very simple... projects.

 How do you capture your vacation memories?

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