Saturday, May 31, 2014

Deck... after week 1

So last year we changed our deck around a bit. We put in stairs that kind of wrap around the deck so that they would land on our patio as opposed to just a random spot in our yard...

But then you have to let the wood sit for a year...

But finally this summer we are able to stain it.
We are fighting rain and spring thunderstorms so we got quite a bit of it done the first week and this week we are planning on finishing up the one side and fixing a few spots here and there... and also doing the underside of the deck.
So hopefully within this next week I can do a full reveal. But looks like we will have another week of rain ahead of us... so hopefully soon!

It is amazing what a difference stain makes. Truly.
This deck looks 1000 times better. and I am shocked at the difference.

You can see the stain color in this photo. We also grabbed an outdoor rug that brings a ton of color to this space!

This is a window box I made last year. I am hoping to attach it to the top of the deck... somewhere not sure where yet.

This is a pretty accurate color of the stain we used. Hawthorne - Sherwin Williams. Don't mind that sad dirt area.. we are laying seed as I type. and don't mind the random wet spots... Nala got in the mud... so i had to wipe down the stairs before taking a photo.

We still have a long ways to go.
Finishing the stain
Adding in deck lighting
Adding in some cushion storage up on the deck
Buying more throw pillows
Switching out the sad little light next to the french doors
and maybe picking up some seating for the other corner of the deck

But this is definitely a step in the right direction and we are excited to move forward on this project so we can get as much use out of this area as possible in the upcoming months!

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