Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hudson's Nursery. Part One.

So, confession. This pregnancy... has made me lazy. I am just not one of those girls that fall in love with being pregnant. I feel miserable. I hate not feeling like myself... and the extra weight... that causes backaches and not being able to sleep. I can't wait for this baby to get here... and I do not want him out until he is good and ready. I just wish I had a fast forward button to help me get through the long work days... waiting on this next chapter to begin. And while I am at it... a slow down button to enjoy a little bit more one on one time with Maddux before his whole world is turned upside down.

But the past month or so we have been back at it... sadly we have so much to catch up on... its been hard to blog about. Everything is about 70% there and we need to find a few hours to finish up a few projects.

So in the middle of all the chaos I thought I would share with you all step by step our nursery for Hudson.
We started with an empty room that just collected random things... keeping it honest with the before photo. Actually not honest. This room was FILLED with random furniture, toys, baby gear, etc.

This room hasn't been touched since we moved in. The walls are off white and it all has honey oak trim. So we started there. We ended up painting 3 walls a very light grey.. and 1 wall a dark navy blue.

We haven't completely settled on a theme yet.
We have an idea... sort of. And we figured we would just go from there.
I just gave a few pieces of furniture a bright coat of paint that I will share soon. But for now... we added this little corner I thought I would share.

It doesn't look like much yet... but to be honest we have put HOURS of work into this room. If you notice in the before photo, all the trim was still honey oak. So we primed and painted the trim. Painted the walls. and then built these shelves for the books.

We hung the books lower so they are in arms reach from the chair. Maddux is constantly telling me how he is going to sit with us in the chair and read to his brother while he is fed. So I figure as long as everything is in reach... Ill save myself from getting all settled for him to decide he wants a book on the top shelf;)

I am going back and forth on what I want to do in that blank area above the glider/shelves.

Right now I am leaning towards a corner gallery wall. Like so.

I'm a little worried it might get too busy.
But then I came across this ...

And the gallery wall above the shelves doesn't bother me... so maybe it might work.

We are working on the nursery all week. So I figured I would share with you our thought process and how we decide to build upon it layer by layer.

Who knows though in the next 24 hours I could completely change my mind. But for now... I am thinking about trying out my first corner gallery wall. I am having such a hard time with this room. I don't know if pregnancy is affecting my brain... or I am putting pressure on myself because I realize the days of me picking out stuff is so short lived and pretty soon he will be begging for a Dinosaur/superhero/star wars room just like his brother. ;)

This might be a slow process, but I thought it would be fun to share with you section by section as we completely put together this room, rather than doing a complete before and after shot.

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